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We provide professional teeth whitening


We provide professional teeth whitening to remove stains caused naturally over time and artificially by smoking, coffee and other methods. With our choice of treatments we balance the colour of your teeth and achieve a naturally whiter smile of up to 10 shades difference.

Teeth whitening is a treatment carried out to reverse the effects of teeth discolouration, which naturally occurs over time. It can restore youth to a beautiful smile.


Option 1: ZOOM Home Whitening

Customised trays are made, filled with the whitening gel and worn for approximately 1 hour a day over 2-3 weeks to give a beautiful white smile. This gives you the flexibility to maintain the new colour of your teeth and never let your smile fade.

Option 2: Zoom Chairside

The newest, safest and most advanced method of whitening your teeth is here. Zoom complies with new European regulations on teeth whitening and is available at our practice today.

Our team will discuss the most appropriate options for you during your initial consultation.


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